Nature’s Line Drawings

It's all a matter of keeping my eyes open. Nature is like one of those line drawings of a tree that are puzzles for children: Can you find hidden in the leaves a duck, a house, a boy, a bucket, a zebra, and a boot?

— Annie Dillard [Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, p.19]

Nature’s Line Drawings My girls have subscriptions to magazines that have these line drawings in them. If you’ve ever seen one, you know exactly what she’s talking about. I thought this quote went well with my article yesterday about seeing the beauty of nature by seeing it like a child sees...


A Ballet In The Sky

A ballet in the sky

The other day, my oldest daughter (6 years old) and I were in the car heading to the guitar shop. We were at a stop sign waiting for traffic when she suddenly burst into laughter and applause. Her laughter was so genuine and pure it brought a smile to my face and made my...